Heel mark collection

Collection with the main purpose to provide heel mark examples.
The heel mark collection is also integrated with the new database and it contains over 3000 photographs.
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Background information

Collecting such a large amount of pipes is not feasible in a short period of time; therefore this collection was acquired from someone else.

Collection of clay pipe fragments

A relatively small collection from a single location.
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Background information

The main part of the fragments in the collection was found near the old city centre of Gouda. Just North of the railway near the station there was a smal strip of railway area which was recently used by people as small gardens. The complete area was cleared by bulldozers because it is part of a major building plan.

Shown below are screendumps from the KICH website

Map of the area around 1900,
socalled 'Bonne' map.

Topographic map 2005,

Not only pipe fragments but also other 'less commonly found' related artifacts have been found. A 'grospenning' and a fragment of a small statue. A similar object on the same location has been found by D.J. van Maanen (see:

bottom fragment of a small statue

A 'grospenning'
impressed with a coin:
West Frisia duit, 1702.

With a piece of paper and a soft pencil, the 'pencil rubbing' method was used to reveal impressed details.

pencil rubbing

mirrored rubbing, reveals the coin

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